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CTE Programs

Animal Care & Services

These courses are designed for the college bound student and emphasize knowledge of the biological principals of living things. Students learn livestock and small animal care as well as the economics of animal agriculture. 


This course introduces scientific concepts and laboratory research techniques used in the field of biotechnology.  Students develop laboratory skills, critical thinking and communication skills. This course articulates with Solano Community College's Biotechnology 1st semester course. 

Building & Construction Trades

These courses give hands on experience in building and construction, including tools, safety, mechanical/technical drawing and architecture.  

Culinary Arts

These courses provide students with competencies in the area of food and nutrition. Students learn food production, customer service and management skills.


These courses provide students with a study of biological science in the healthcare field. Students learn about the foundations of and the professions related to kinesiology. 

Medical Science

These courses provide students with a study of biological concepts related to the healthcare field.  Students study the structure and function of the human body, exploring disease, diagnosis and treatment procedures.  Students build on a common set of skills and knowledge necessary for health care employees including CPR, first Aid, evaluating vital signs and lab techniques.

Be a CTE Completer

Students who complete a CTE pathway typically have more experience and are more likely to be hired than other students. Be a completer, graduate with a CTE distinction, and gain an advantage. 

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