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Athletic INformation 2021-2022

What can you do now to be ready for your season? In order to participate in a sport AND participate in preseason conditioning/training programs, athletes must be cleared.  

To get cleared, please complete the following steps:

1. Completed Physical – MUST be dated AFTER May 1, 2021

  • We understand this may be problematic at this time.   Please contact your physician’s office for the best means to complete this step.  Some doctors have allowed teleconferencing.  Please attempt to get in hand a form from your doctor (per school district rules, physicals are not accepted from chiropractors) a form which states your athlete is cleared to participate in athletics.

2.        Log onto and create an account 

  • If you created an account previous years, log in to your account, select 2021-2022 school year, and update any information.

  • Complete all tabs in including electronic signatures

  • Print and sign the Consent to Participate

3.        Concussion Baseline Test

Typically we provide opportunities at Vacaville HS in the spring.  We are extending the information to take on your home computer if you are able.  If the athlete has already taken the concussion baseline, they do not need to take it again

To take the Concussion Baseline Test at home, please follow the steps below:

  • Log on to

  • Enter Code:  AX8XNJMGXW


  • Click “Launch Baseline Test”

  • Answer Name, date information

  • Click “Skip Additional Demographics”

  • Click “Next” for current symptoms and conditions

  • You are answering these questions relating to how you are currently feeling as you begin to take the test (0=Not experiencing, 1=Barely Noticeable, 6= Worst Ever Experienced

  • As you begin the test…READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS TWICE.  This will ensure you understand the task and do provide incorrect data which would require you to take it over

  • When the exam is complete, you will be prompted to enter your email again.  Enter email” click send and test is complete

4.        Turn in the Physical along with the Consent to Participate

Once all paperwork is complete and turned in to the front office at VHS, please reach out to your coach for more information regarding current independent training and future schedules.



Click the links below to download the NCAA Eligibility Worksheet: 
NCAA Eligibility Worksheet (.doc) 
NCAA Eligibility Worksheet (.pdf)