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Drill Team


Varsity 2016-2017
Varsity 2016-2017

2018-2019 VHS Dance Drill Team

Congrats to the 2018-2019 Dance Drill Team!!!!



Kailey Ehlers, Jeorgia Jacobsen, Dani Rydjord, McKenna Bernard, Madison Babcock, Jennifer Anderson, Shannon Zwick, Jocelin Cardona, Zanna Rosenquest, Ashley Tigue, Marisa Aguayo, Katherine Valencia, Jessica Kaplan, Madison, Cabral, Hope McClane, Kylie Wilkes, Justina Thiessen, McKenzie Knutson, Devon Hawkins, Khloe Kamerzell, Liana Shelly, Reesa Dizon, Adelina Toscano, Breanna Cantrell, Nina Shuken, and Aliyah Orozco



Ashley Melendres, Sophia Gibbs, Daleah Walker, Biance DiSilvestro, Delanie Wilkerson, McKenna Duncan, Jaden Harder, Ashley Mauricio, Leah Baisman, Kate Glade, Tess Johnson, Phoebe Mason, Dayana Silva, Katelyn Neade, and Miriam Vazquez


VHS Drill Team

The VHS Dance/Drill Team shall provide entertainment and team support athletic events, promote and uphold school spirit inside and outside the VHS community, develop a sense of good sportsmanship among VHS students and work to build a better relationship among the schools with whom Vacaville High School competes.

The Varsity Dance Team includes sophomores, juniors and Senior members. Our JV dance team includes freshman and sophomores members. Our Varsity team performs at all home football games and 4-6 basketball games each year. They compete in 3 major competitions to include Nationals in Anaheim, California. Our JV team performs at some home football games. Aside from their performances, they also participate in 2-3 community service events each year. Their style of dance is mostly military and high kicks with many kaleidoscoping formation changes. They practice 4 days a week, 10 months out of the year. The coaching staff and team members are a very dedicated, disciplined, and exciting group to be a part of.

For further information, please contact Michelle Neitz & Laura Coffman, VHS Dance Drill Advisors, at

Tryout Information



Varsity: Vacaville High School students or incoming freshman. Splits and high kicks are an entry level requirement for all Varsity members.


JV:   The JV team will consist of 9th and 10th graders. The VHS Dance/Drill Team has always been a Varsity level squad. However we don’t have a feeder program. Keeping this in mind, Judges often look for first year members that show potential to grow. 


A member’s 1st year on the team allows them to fully grasp exactly what the team is about, and learn the fundamental skills needed. This also leads to their 2nd year of tryouts being harder to make the team. The expectations of a returning member are higher than that of a first time dancer.  Due to this we decided that at this time we need a JV team that will allow these girls to grow under the guidance of the coaches. They’ll be on sidelines at JV home games and will perform at some of the JV half-time games. Games will be determined by the coaching staff once the football schedule comes out.


The JV team will consist of 9th and 10th graders; splits are not required to be on the JV team however all returning members are required to have their splits whether on JV or Varsity.



All candidates will be required to learn a routine, arm sequences and kick sequences. First-time candidates will be taught by graduating seniors and veteran candidates will be taught by an outside choreographer.  First-time and veteran candidates will learn material and tryout separately. Judges will be dance instructors, college dancers, VHS Dance/Drill alumni, and individuals with dance, drill or cheer backgrounds.  The coaches will NOT be a part of the judging process.  This creates a fair and quality tryout for all those participating.  Final selection is based on the following criteria: 



·         Clinic Score: Candidates will be observed and scored by coaches and outside choreographer during the entire week of tryout sessions for their effort, enthusiasm, cooperation and overall attitude.

·         Eligibility: Eligibility will be verified by school administration.

·         Judge’s Decisions: All sessions during tryouts are closed to the public.  On Wednesday we will have a mid-week cut and Final tryouts will be on Friday.  All candidates will be required to perform the routine, arm sequences, kick sequences and splits.  The judges will be looking at the following categories:

v  Confidence/Projection

v  Knowledge of routine

v  Skill/technique

v   Kicks (height, endurance, technique, knowledge)

v   Arms (technique, knowledge, execution)

v   Splits (right side for returning members)


JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL!  There will be no individual feedback given concerning why a candidate did or did not make the squad.


Please listen to the daily bulletin for more information on when tryout packets will be available in the Jepson & VHS offices



Thank you Michelle and Laura 

  - 8th-11th grade
  - 2.0+ GPA
  - No F's in any class.

2018-2019 Leadership

Captain:  Breanna Cantrell

Liutenant:  Nina Shuken

Lieutenant:  Aliyah Orozco