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Drill Team

VHS Drill Team

The VHS Dance Drill Team shall provide entertainment and team support at athletic events, promote and uphold school spirit inside and outside the VHS community, develop a sense of good sportsmanship among VHS students, and work to build a better relationship among the schools with whom Vacaville High School competes.


The Vacaville High School Dance Drill Team is a Varsity only team consisting of senior, junior, sophomore and freshman members. Our team performs at all home football games and 4-6 basketball games each year. Aside from their performances, they also participate in 2-3 community service events each year. Our dance team is unique in the fact that our style is mostly military and high kicks with many kaleidoscoping formation changes. Practices are 4 days a week, 10 months out of the year. The coaching staff and team members are a very dedicated, disciplined, and exciting group to be a part of.

For further information, please contact Camille Neitz, VHS Dance Drill Advisors, at

2021-2022 VHS Dance Drill TEam

Kai Clifton

Maryisa Conlon

Bayley Cranston

Bianca DiSilvestro

Kenna Duncan

Natalie Fernandes

Chelsey Gabbard

Alycia Garcia

Ari Garrison

Caitlyn Gonzalez

Whitney Gray

Tess Johnson

Kailey Jones

Becca Krickovich

Makayla Long

Gabrielle Meehan

Ashley Melendres

Caitlin Peck

Briana Thiessen

Adee Toscano

Lanie Wilkerson

Ciana Vasquez-Pimentel



Captain: Tess Johnson

Co-Captains: Adee Toscano and Kenna Duncan



  - 8th-11th grade
  - 2.0+ GPA
  - No F's in any class.