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Parking Information

All student drivers are required to complete the Parking Pass Request Form to park on campus for the 2021-2022 school year. Click on the link below and complete the form. Parking passes will be distributed after school at a time to be announced in the bulletin. After parking passes have been distributed, students will not be permitted to park on campus in the student lot without having a parking pass hung from the rear view mirror or displayed in clear view on the dashboard. Parking will continue to be first come, first serve; having the pass does not guarantee that you will get a parking spot.  Students are reminded that designated student parking is on the east side of campus in the main parking lot and near the stadium. Students are not permitted to park in visitor’s parking or on the west side of campus. Students can register up to 2 vehicles but will only receive one parking pass. Failure to comply with these regulations could mean the loss of driving/parking privileges at Vacaville High School.

Parking Pass Request Form