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Teacher Resources

Here are just a few helpful links:

VHS ABI Allows teachers to take attendance, view student records, and turn in grades. This link will only work while at school.  
School City Assessment system

Recognized worldwide as the standard in Plagiarism Prevention. Turnitin instantly identifies papers containing unoriginal material and acts as a powerful deterrent to stop student plagiarism before it starts.


California Department of Education

This is the home page for the California Department of Education


Outline Map Sites

If you need a black-line outline map, this is the place!

Education World

Useful information and links. Articles outlining the use of technology for improved academic achievement and personal productivity from a variety of perspectives.


Integrating new technologies into the methods of education
A PT3 program that showcases online video vignettes of teachers integrating technology into classroom instruction using a variety of teaching strategies. Select “Find a video” to search using a variety of parameters.

The Questioning Toolkit  - Begin with an Essential Questions


Click on Video Library, and then Technology Integration in the drop down menu for a listing of sample videos of how schools are successfully integration technology.

Teaching Now!

A variety of video examples of using technology in instruction and learning. School-wide implementation of handheld computing videos. Be sure to check out episodes 110, 105, 103, & 101. Also of interest to K-12 education are 208, 205, 203, 202 &111.

Professional Education Collection This site provides a collection of electronic information especially for teachers. It includes full-text information from 504 peer-reviewed professional education journals.  There is also a link to ERIC here.

Web Quests by Subject Area 

Sponsored by San Diego State Education Department


The Gateway

Lesson plans and education resources