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rule of 85            


Regular school attendance plays an important role in student learning. Every student should be in school every day unless he/she has an excused absence. Excused absences include illness, medical appointments and funeral services for members of the immediate family.

Each time a student is absent, the parent/guardian must clear the absence by note, in person or by telephone in a timely manner. (Within 72 hours of the student’s return to school is suggested.) Absences that are not properly cleared may be considered truant absences. Excessive truant absences may result in a student being removed from VHS and placed in an alternative educational setting.

Students may turn in notes before school, during lunch or after school. Please be specific enough with your note so that we can determine whether or not the absence is excused.

Absences may be cleared in person or by phone (707 453-6000) during regular school hours (7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.).

A doctor’s note may be required if a student is absent for more than five consecutive days. After ten total days of excused absence during a school year, medical verification may be required for all future absences.

Students who need to be excused from school early, must obtain an off-grounds pass. Parents should send a note stating the date, time and reason for the student leaving campus. Students are to bring the note to the front office before school or during lunch to receive the off-grounds pass.

Bulldog Citizenship

The Bulldog Citizenship Plan is intended to improve student academic success by encouraging good behavior It is essentially a merit/demerit system. A student who engages in negative conduct or demonstrates poor attendance receives demerits. After being assessed 15 demerits during the first semester and 20 during the second semester, the student is no longer eligible to participate in Bulldog Citizenship Activities. The activities to which the Bulldog Citizenship Plan applies are noted:


Bulldog Citizenship Activities                                                         Demerits are  assessed as follows:

  • Athletics                                                                                    IHD   =    1                       
  • Band Trip                                                                                  Referrals = 1 
  • Dixon May Fair                                                                         Missed detention = 1
  • Field Trips                                                                                  Lockdown/Missed Saturday School = 2
  • GOTCHA                                                                                     Suspension = 3/day    
  • Homecoming Activities                         
  • All Dances                                                                                Merits are awarded as follows:
  • Link Crew                                                                                  BIONIC Award  =  2
  • Mr. GQ                                                                                      Black and Orange = 2
  • Powder Puff Football                                                              Senior of the Week = 2                                
  • Prom                                                                                         Student of the Week  =  2
  • Senior Off-Campus Lunch Pass                                            Athletes of the Week = 2
  • Senior Trip                                                                               Artists of the Week     =  2                                       
  • Student Council                                     
  • Winter Ball                                                                                        




School dances are school functions, and as such, students are expected to dress and behave in ways that are appropriate for the school setting.

 1. No front to back dancing.
 2. No inappropriate or suggestive dancing will be allowed.
 3. No simulated sex acts (including, but not limited to, genital touching or pelvic thrusting).
 4. No bending over or squatting down to the floor.
 5. All students must be upright at all times with both feet on the floor.
 6. No straddling legs or wrapping legs around another person or object.
 7. No “sandwiches”.
 8. No lap dancing.
 9. No dancing which could cause harm to one’s self or others including, but not limited to, “slam dancing” or “moshing”. 

All students will receive a wristband upon entering the dance. If a student violates the dance policy, the wristband will be removed. If a student violates the dance policy a second time, he/she will be immediately removed from the dance, without refund, and his/her parents will be notified. School personnel will make the final decision concerning appropriate dancing.

Dress Code

The dress code is established to promote a positive, psychologically safe and wholesome learning environment. Apparel (including clothing, jewelry and accessories) that disrupts or distracts from the learning environment is not permitted. Consequences for violation of the dress code can be found in the Discipline Guidelines. While administrators may exercise discretion in determining the appropriateness of dress, the following guidelines might be helpful:

  • Apparel related to gangs is forbidden including gang colors (for students identified as associating with gang members).
  • Apparel that depicts illegal substances (e.g., drugs, alcohol, and tobacco), pornography, profanity, violence, illegal behavior, or which is demeaning to any race, gender or creed is forbidden.
  • No revealing apparel is permitted. No cleavage, midriff, bare chest or buttocks may be showing.
  • Undergarments must be covered and not visible. Attire that is see-through, strapless or backless may not be worn to school.
  • Shorts and skirts must extend beyond the end of the fingertips when the student is standing with arm straight down at the sides.
  • No pajamas (except on school-approved dress-up days).
  • No sagging. One's waistband must be above one's derriere at all times.
  • Chains hanging from pockets, belt loops or the waist are not permitted.
  • Teachers may require students to remove hats, hood or sunglasses in the classroom.


Personal electronic devices (e.g., cell phones, MP3 players etc.) can be a major disruption to learning. While students are free to use these devices before school, after school, during passing periods and during lunch, all PEDs must be turned off and stored out of sight during class time. Violation of this policy will result in the confiscation of the PED and consequences according to the Discipline Guidelines. If a student refuses to surrender a PED to a requesting staff member, the student will receive additional consequences for defiance which may include detention, IHS, Saturday School or suspension.

Parking Information for Students

All student drivers are required to complete the Parking Pass Request Form to park on campus. Click on the link below and complete the form. Parking passes will be distributed after school at a time to be announced in the bulletin. After parking passes have been distributed, students will not be permitted to park on campus in the student lot without having a parking pass hung from the rear view mirror or displayed in clear view on the dashboard. Parking will continue to be first come, first serve; having the pass does not guarantee that you will get a parking spot.  Students are reminded that designated student parking is on the east side of campus in the main parking lot and near the stadium. Students are not permitted to park in visitor’s parking or on the west side of campus. Students can register up to 2 vehicles but will only receive one parking pass. Failure to comply with these regulations could mean the loss of driving/parking privileges at Vacaville High School.

Parking Pass Request Form

Tardy Policy

Philosophy – Academic success is directly correlated to attendance and tardies.  Administrators, teachers, counselors, campus supervisors, students and parents must work together to make sure students are present and on time to each class of the day.   There must be consequences for tardies, and there must also be a strong effort by each person in our community to help students get to class on time.

Students who are not inside their classroom before the final bell rings will be marked tardy. Tardies can only be excused for the same legal reasons allowed for excused absences. 

Tardy = Lunch Detention

Students who are tardy to class are assigned a 15-minute lunch detention. Upon late arrival to class, the teacher gives each tardy student a reminder slip for lunch detention. Students will serve lunch detention during the first lunch period following the tardy, so:

  • Students tardy to periods 1-4 will serve lunch detention on the same day.
  • Students tardy to periods 5 & 6 will serve lunch detention on the following school day

Detention takes place in room 53 and begins promptly five minutes after the lunch bell rings (12:34 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and at 12:31 on Wednesdays). The doors to room 53 will be locked at that time.  

Students who fail to serve a lunch detention will be picked up for a 30 minute after school detention the next day. Students who cut classes to avoid consequences such as after school detention will be assigned Saturday School or alternative discipline such as social probation.

Every time a student accumulates 20 tardies within a semester, a “tardy letter” will be mailed home to the parents and the student will be assigned a Saturday School.

Teacher Changes

At Vacaville High School we believe the best way to achieve success in the classroom is through regular communication between the student, teacher and parent.  Therefore, the following steps are required if and when issues between a student and his/her teacher arise:

  1. Parent, and/or student and teacher meet to identify and analyze the problem 
  2. Issues are clarified  
  3. Modifications are explored 
  4. A plan, including timeline of at least three weeks, is developed and implemented

A copy of the plan agreed upon by the parent, student and teacher should be given to the student’s assigned administrator.

If a consensus is not reached, or the plan implemented is not successful, parent request for class change should be directed to the appropriate administrator.  The class change will be honored provided subject level placement is available and corresponding increase in enrollment in the receiving class is appropriate.

We take this opportunity to remind all of you that our district is committed to celebrating and affirming our diversity.  We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or hostile work environments based on race, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, or other protected characteristic.  This is a reminder to all that requests for transfer of a student based solely upon the teacher’s protected characteristic will be rejected.  If there is a complaint by a parent about a teacher based on unlawful discrimination against any protected group, we will follow the Uniform Complaint Procedure set forth in our Board Policies and Administrative Regulations, including requiring they be put in writing, immediately advising teachers of such complaints, encouraging mediation between the parties and fully investigating all such complaints, including interviewing all those with pertinent knowledge.

Thank you for your efforts and cooperation in ensuring student success.